Our Approach

The Law Office of M. Erin Wilkins focuses specifically on providing family law and estate planning services. By limiting her practice, Attorney Erin Wilkins is able to ensure a higher level of knowledge, expertise, and efficiency in dealing with family and estate planning issues. She and her staff are acutely aware of the rigors of dealing with domestic relations and estate planning, include probate of estates.

Erin and her staff understand the high degree of confidentiality and privacy that is needed for clients to feel comfortable discussing the issues that they are facing. Erin and her staff provide individual attention, compassionate guidance, and experienced representation.

Client communications and honesty are key factors to the success of the law firm.  Erin knows the importance of being available to clients when they need her. Recognizing that legal issues are often time-sensitive, she and her staff can easily be reached by phone or email. They return phone calls and e-mails promptly and will give you an honest evaluation and course of action for your situation. She is committed to being available to clients who are facing difficult legal challenges and may not know how to proceed.

The Law Office of M. Erin Wilkins focuses on providing personalized services at competitive rates.  Erin and her staff will work quickly and diligently to handle your legal issues. Whether you are struggling with a divorce or an estate dispute, Attorney Erin Wilkins can help you pursue a favorable result.

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