Erin's Advantages

At the Law Office of M. Erin Wilkins, we feel that we are able to provide a personal experience for every client.  Attorney Erin Wilkins will be able to evaluate your individual situation and let you know what the best possible solution is, whether or not that means you retain her as an attorney.  Some simple legal matters only require that a form be filled out at the court house or clerk's office, while most others will require attorney guidance.

Erin is personally invested in each client's case and will give an honest and thorough evaluation of each situation.  It is important that each client have realistic expectations and an adequate understanding of the legal process.  Legal problems can be challenging, complex, and difficult to comprehend, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.  Erin will work with you to explain the law and necessary legal procedures in a way that you can understand, giving you the tools and information you need to be an active participant in reaching a solution to whatever legal situation you may be facing.

Most of all, Erin is a dedicated and conscientious attorney who is willing to listen to each client's concerns and formulate a plan to provide an individualized solution.

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