Child Support

int_child_supportParents are often faced with the issue of child support or maintenance during divorce proceedings or upon the termination of relationships that never contemplated marriage. Biological parents have a financial obligation to support their children, whether or not they have custody or visitation rights with respect to those children.

In Kentucky, child support is governed by statutory law and courts have less discretion in determining the award amount. Courts will utilize a worksheet that takes into account factors, such as gross monthly income, the amount paid for health insurance, and any amount paid for child support for other children, for spousal support, and for daycare or child care.

While the law is governed by statute, it is important to have an attorney assist you through the process. There are a significant number of factors that are used in determining child support awards, and it is important to be represented by an attorney who is well versed in the factors that courts take into consideration. At the Law Office of M. Erin Wilkins, our experienced team of legal professionals will protect your financial well-being and promote the best interests of your children.

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