Ohio and Northern Kentucky Divorce Attorney Services

The majority of our family law practice deals with helping couples through a divorce in both Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio.  It is important to consult with an attorney early in the process to protect yourself and your family, both emotionally and financially.

Many individuals set up a consultation even if they are only thinking about a divorce but need more information.  Consulting with an attorney does not mean you have to get divorced or that you have decided on divorce, but it allows you to have the essential tools and knowledge to make an informed decision.  All consultations are confidential and private.

Newport, Kentucky divorce attorney Erin Wilkins emphasizes mediation and helping couples dissolve their marriage through a more collaborative process rather than the adversarial court process.  Many couples have come to our firm after they have both decided that they would like to seek a divorce and need guidance on how to go through the process in the least traumatizing way.

We realize that divorce can bring a variety of emotions and questions that are not purely legal.  We can counsel individuals or couples on financial ramifications and provide referrals for therapy and counseling for couples, individuals, and children. Unfortunately, not all dissolutions are amicable, and we have the expertise to vigorously protect your assets in court.

Divorce for Same Sex Couples

Same sex couples contemplating a divorce or dissolution face unique challenges.  Parentage, custody and parenting time for children raised by both parents during a same sex marriage are unfortunately not well settled issues at this time.  Same sex couples may have also combined assets and expenses for years before their marriage was “official” under Kentucky or Ohio law.  Erin is able to recognize and counsel a spouse on these issues that may not be faced by a heterosexual couple.

Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce / Dissolution

Some divorcing couples are in complete agreement on the division of assets and debts, and sometimes custody, child support and parenting time.  Erin can help you make the process of dissolution straightforward with flat fee pricing and an expedited schedule for those who have an agreement on most or all issues. 

For more information, we welcome you to contact us for a confidential consultation.

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