Collaborative Divorce

Newport, Kentucky divorce attorney Erin Wilkins helps Ohio and Kentucky families dealing with a variety of family law conflicts, including divorce, custody, parenting time and spousal support. Family law disputes can be challenging to resolve, and many people believe that going to court is the only way to do so. We offer an alternative that may be better for you and your family: Collaborative Divorce.

Collaborative Law is a form of alternative dispute resolution that gives you more control over both the process and the outcome of your family law matter. Most commonly used for divorce cases, the process can be useful in resolving many types of family law disputes, such as custody and parenting time conflicts.

Collaborative Law recognizes that a family law dispute involves more than just legal issues; there are almost always emotional and financial aspects, as well. In a Collaborative case, you and your spouse or partner identify the important issues and negotiate a resolution you can both live with. You are supported in this process by attorneys, and other Collaboratively trained professionals such as a family relations specialist and a financial specialist working together to make sure your needs are met. Only when you reach agreement do you go to court in order to have a judge make your decisions legally binding.

One major advantage of a Collaborative Divorce is that the process tends to be less stressful for you, your spouse or co-parent, and for your children. Other advantages include having the ability to customize a solution that’s right for your family in a way that a judge who doesn’t know you cannot do, and the ability to work at your own pace, not the court’s. Often the process ends up being less expensive than going to court, as well.

Erin offers a variety of dispute resolution options to allow families to resolve issues in the way that is best for them. Erin has been trained in the collaborative process and is a member of both the Academy of Northern Kentucky Collaborative Professionals and the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  She can help you evaluate during a private, confidential consultation whether Collaborative Law, or another option, is right for your family’s needs. Whatever your decision, The Law Office of Erin M. Wilkins can offer you the guidance and advocacy you need to successfully navigate your family law matter in a way that works for you.

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